CLC LISA AJAX Live Region Demos

The CLC LISA system is the second assistive technology to support WAI-ARIA live regions (Fire Vox being the first) and is the first assistive technology for Internet Explorer that does so. Although support for WAI-ARIA is still in its early stages, the following demos show the potential of this system.

Simple demo with live="polite"

This is a simple demo that shows how a page with just one live region that changes would function.

Multiple live regions demo

This is a demo that shows how a page with multiple live regions set at different levels of politeness would behave. Rude updates will cancel out all other updates, assertive updates will cancel out polite updates, polite updates have the lowest spoken priority, and off updates are ignored. Note that polite updates wait for the user to become idle, assertive updates will speak at the first possible opportunity, and rude updates will interrupt whatever else is being spoken immediately.

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