Working With Forms

Fire Vox makes working with forms easy. There are no modes to switch into and out of. When you reach an input element, you are immediately able to start interacting with it by typing into it, arrowing through it, etc. When you have Fire Vox read another element, you are automatically taken out of the input element and moved on to the next element.

Example: Input Blanks

Fire Vox can be set to echo your keystrokes as you type in input blanks. The default setting for this is on; you can deactivate it by going to Fire Vox Options and unchecking the box that says "Echo Keys." Lowercase letters will be read out in a lower pitch than uppercase letters. Also, Fire Vox will protect your privacy when you are typing in a password blank by reading out "asterisk" rather than the actual characters you are typing.

Example: Radio Buttons and Check Boxes

Fire Vox will read the legends and announce whether radio buttons and check boxes are checked or not.

A Heavily Skewed Public Opinion Poll with Radio Buttons
Complete this sentence: Fire Vox...

Some Random Check Boxes
Check all that apply - CLC-4-TTS is:

Example: Select Boxes

Fire Vox will read the options as you cycle through them. You can cycle through options with either one at a time using the up and down arrow keys, or cycle through all the options that begin with a particular letter of the alphabet by pressing the key that corresponds with the first letter of the option.

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