Additional Voices

Fire Vox uses SAPI 5, Java FreeTTS, and Orca for speech synthesis. Thus, if a voice synthesizer uses any of these interfaces, that voice will be compatible with CLiCk, Speak. Currently, SAPI 5 has the best selection of voices - some of these voices are free, but most of them are commercial.

You can download additional free voices for SAPI 5 directly from Microsoft here.

The following is a list of commercial SAPI 5 voices with samples and links to pages where you can purchase them. If you like these voices and buy them through the links that I provide here, as a bonus, you will also get my thanks and the warm fuzzy feeling of having helped to support Fire Vox since I am supposed to get an advertising commission.

Cepstral Voices

Cepstral offers high quality voices in English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German. You can download demo versions of the voices and use them in Fire Vox. The difference between the demo version and the full version is that the demo version will insert a nag message at the start and periodically insert nag messages as it talks. However, it does give you a very good sense for how nice the voices are.
Cepstral - We Build Voices

NeoSpeech SAPI 5 Voices

These voices are from NeoSpeech. They sound quite nice, and I use them myself. I have been using the Lily and Miyu voices to show off the multilingual features in Fire Vox when I do demos. I also have the Kate voice installed which I like very much; if anyone mentions that they dislike the free Microsoft voices during a demo, then I will use Kate to show that there are smoother sounding voices available as long as people are willing to pay for them.