Fire Vox

News - August 6, 2008

New version of the CLC-4-TTS Bundle: This latest release greatly improves the stability and performance of Fire Vox on Mac OS X Leopard, along with a few other small bug fixes for all platforms.

This release also introduces a new feature: Content Navigation Rules (CNRs) through blogs. This allows anyone with the inclination to improve the accessibility of a particular page to do so by simply writing a CNR for the page and then posting it with a tag of "CNR" on their Blogspot blog, without needing to write a full fledged AxsJAX script. Users can then experience the benefits of the CNRs posted on a particular blog by subscribing to that blog feed in Fire Vox Options. This will cause Fire Vox to work its magic and fetch all the CNR posts of that particular blog, and then apply the CNRs to any web pages that match.

The best way to understand how this system works is to just give it a try yourself. By default, Fire Vox is subscribed to my blog which has a CNR for reading Blogspot. More CNRs are in the works - if you have a particular site that you would like to have a CNR for, please make a request on the Accessible list for Google Groups.

Speaking of AxsJAX, there is now a new tutorial from T.V. Raman and myself on how to write AxsJAX scripts. We're giving away Google-AxsJAX T-Shirts, so write a script, post it on the Accessible list for Google Groups, and claim your shirt before they're gone!